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Posted by: Billie Eggleston
Tue February 19, 2019
My Condolence to Kati Larkin's Family she was a great lady and friends with And worked with Duane Walker at the Forrest Service her Husband family were neighbors with Jack and Mabel Eggleston, which  both of them have past now  John and Kati did get to come Celebrate Mabel's 100 th. Birthday. so God Bless you all and take care Tiny and Duane Walker  send there Sympathy's to you All also. they enjoyed John and Kati a lot over the years  so Hugs and Prayers from all of us

Posted by: R.A. Johnson
Thu February 28, 2019
Sincerest condolences on the loss of such a wonderful, loving lady. We pray that God’s comfort continue with all of you. We hope this promise of Christ brings comfort as well, at John 11:25 we are assured that we will see our loved ones again.

Posted by: Johnna Grant
Tue March 05, 2019
I'm so sorry for your loss.  Mrs. Pexton was my vegetable judging coach through 4-H for several years.  I have very fond memories of going through the produce section of the grocery store with her as she taught me all the vegetable names and how to evaluate each kind.  (We never did find fava beans, although we looked every time.)  She was a good teacher and knew how to make it interesting for a young child.  I have saved several of the letters that she wrote me, because she had the most beautiful handwriting that I've ever seen outside an art museum.

Again, I'm very sorry for your loss.  She was a wonderful person.